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Lydia Schuldt backcountry skiing outdoor industry
Lydia Schuldt surfing outdoor industry

Lydia Schuldt
SEO Content Writer and Digital Marketing

Lydia Schuldt works with businesses in the outdoor industry focusing on SEO blog writing, SEO content strategy and digital marketing. She brings success to her clients with her excellent writing skills, strategy, clear communication and passion for helping outdoor businesses grow. 


When Lydia isn't working for her clients or growing her business you can find her surfing on the Oregon coast or traveling to tropical locations around the world chasing waves. She is an avid cyclist,  van explorer, skier and lover of getting lost in a good book. She calls the northern coastal town of Manzanita, Oregon home.

Lydia has worked with many organizations including The National Ski Patrol, Camping World, Pallas Snowboards, Tough Cutie, White Cloud Concierge, SNOGO, Wide Open Spaces and Moved by Bikes.

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