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8 SEO Blog Writing Tips for Outdoor Brands

Updated: May 22, 2023

  • Keyword Research

  • Build Topic Clusters

  • Choose a Focus Keyphrase

  • Use Keywords in the First 250 Characters

  • Create High Quality Content

  • Utilize Lists

  • Fill in the On-Page SEO

  • Use Captivating Media

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is important to build authority for your website and rank high on the search engine result page (SERP). The best way to build topic authority for your outdoor brand is by writing SEO blogs for your website structured around your brands keywords and target audience. Specific SEO blog writing tips for outdoor brands can help your outdoor industry company rank higher on Google and bring in more organic traffic. How to write SEO friendly blog posts can be intimidating, but with these 8 SEO tips for the outdoor industry, you will be off to a great start.

Blog writing tips for outdoor industry SEO:

🌴 Keyword Research

The first step to writing blogs for your outdoor brand is to do keyword research to find what your target audience is searching for on Google. Think of what you want your business to be known for and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Once you have a few target keywords it’s time to deep dive into keyword research. A good place to start is to use tools such as SEMRUSH or Google Keyword Planner.

🌴 Build Topic Clusters

Create pillar blog topics structured around your brand and the outdoor activities associated with your company. Focus on creating a topic around your services or products and make sure to add topic clusters around the fun aspects of the outdoor industry as well. For example, if your outdoor brand sells handlebar bags for bicycles, create a topic cluster around the different handlebar bags you offer and another topic cluster on different bikepacking trips. Create shorter subtopic blog topics that can branch off of the pillar topics and make sure that the blogs are internally linked together.

🌴 Choose a Focus Keyphrase

Once you are ready to start writing blogs make sure to choose a focus keyphrase for each blog topic. For the most part a focus keyphrase will be a portion of your blog title or the entire title of your blog. Having your focus keyphrase the title of your blog will help Google index your page. Inserting your focus keyphrase into the content at least 3 times will help optimize your blog on the SERP.

🌴 Use Keywords in the First 250 Characters

The first 250 characters of your blog are essential for SEO and to catch the attention of your readers. Make sure to use keywords in the first paragraph and outdoor related content to get your audience excited. Don’t overdo it with SEO keywords and make sure your sentences still flow well together. Keywords are important, but readability is even more important. If your SEO blog post isn’t well-written, the bounce rate of your website will increase.

🌴 Create High Quality Content

One of the most important SEO blog writing tips for outdoor brands is to write good quality content. The blog must be well-written, interesting, engaging and captivate your audience. Make sure to not repeat yourself too much, ramble on or use too many filler words. Your content should be informative and to the point and help your readers build trust and interest in your outdoor company.

🌴 Utilize Lists

Utilizing lists to increase the chance for featured snippets is an SEO blog writing best practice that shouldn’t be skipped. Formatting blogs to have lists at the top will help Google find the key points of your blog to pull them for a featured snippet. Just like the list at the top of this post, use lists for your outdoor brands blogs. We cannot guarantee Google will use your list as a featured snippet, but current SEO trends show that it increases the chance.

🌴 Fill in the On-Page SEO

Whether you use Wix, Squarespace, Wordpress or Hubspot, your website platform will have on-page SEO for you to fill in. Follow the prompts to input your focus key phrase, URL slug, meta description, blog title and tags. Taking the time to fill in your on-page SEO will only increase your chance to rank higher and is absolutely worth your time. Take the ten extra minutes to get SEO dialed when you upload a blog to your website.

🌴 Use Captivating Media

The most important SEO blog writing tip for outdoor brands is to make sure you are using epic photos and footage for your blogs. Attach high quality images of people recreating outside with your product or input educational or inspiring video footage to awe your audience. Your blog posts should be well-formatted with high quality media, but limited to 1-5 images and 1 video per blog. If you have too much media on a post your blog may load slower or distract users from the written content.

Make sure to use these tips while building blogs for your business and check out some more SEO and marketing tips for the outdoor industry.

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