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Burnout is No Joke. How Can You Avoid it?

Updated: May 5, 2022

As a new business owner it’s taken me a lot of time to find my groove of a healthy work/life balance. At times I work too much in one week and at the end of the week I am drained. When I first started taking clients and on-boarded them I got hit by my first wave of overwhelming exhaustion. Here are some of my tips I’ve learned along the way for preventing burnout:

🌊 Ramp your clients as you onboard them: On-boarding takes time and energy to learn how to work for someone new and how to best work together.

🌊 Time block your schedule and follow it to the best of your ability: both your work schedule and your personal life. On Wednesdays I often give myself the mornings off to go surfing and start work in the afternoon. By following my schedule I save more time by staying organized and on-task.

🌊 Switch up your work environment; working from home all day long is a recipe for a disaster. A few days a week I work from a cafe or a coffee shop. It makes me feel motivated to have others work around me and I feel energized getting out of the house.

🌊 Put down your phone! It’s so easy to waste time on your phone while you are working and it’s also easy to waste time during your downtime on your phone as well. Take a break and go for a walk if you need to recharge!

🌊 Don’t overwork yourself! Take weekends off and don’t take on more work that you can handle. It’s most important that you provide your clients the best work possible and if you have too much to handle it’s a recipe for disaster. Make sure you have time for yourself so you can provide your best work to your clients when you are working.

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Lydia Schuldt,

from the waves.

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