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Why Do Topic Clusters Help SEO for Outdoor Brands?

Updated: May 22, 2023

One of the most successful ways to improve SEO as a brand in the outdoor industry is to write high quality blogs that incorporate both an SEO content strategy and SEO keywords. SEO keywords are essential for your blogs, but without having blogs and keywords organized into topic clusters, you won't be able to build topic authority for what you want to be known for. Let's take a look at what topic clusters are and why they are so effective for SEO and marketing for outdoor industry brands.

What are topic clusters?

Topic clusters are a group of content that are structured around a central topic used as a pillar. Think of the pillar topic as the "parent" that has "children" topics that branch off from the "parent" topic.

For example, if you are building a topic cluster around a Portland, OR mountain bike company, the key phrase "Oregon mountain biking" could be your "parent" topic. Some other related topics that could branch off the pillar posts as "children" topics could be, "the best mountain biking trails in Oregon" or "mountain bike maintenance tips for the Pacific Northwest". The pillar posts are usually the most dense and informative blogs that link to similar posts creating a topic cluster.

Topic clusters are a specific SEO content strategy you can use to help long term search engine optimization and topic relevance.

topic cluster SEO for outdoor brands

Why do topic clusters improve SEO for Outdoor Brands?

By building topic clusters, Google can better understand the structure of your website and the relationship all the pages have to each other. Strategic topic clusters help websites build authority which can lead to higher rankings on the search engine result page. Topic clusters also improve SEO because all pages of the cluster are strategically linked to one another which helps Google index the outdoor brand as a whole. When a website has more topic authority through intertwined topic clusters, the search engine will have an easier time indexing and categorizing the outdoor brand.

Topic clusters for outdoor brand marketing

Topic clusters are an effective form of digital marketing for outdoor brands because they can help bring in more organic traffic, rank higher for SEO keywords and create captivating content for your target audience.

Organic Traffic

When topic clusters are built correctly, there is a good chance they will rank higher on the SERP over time. When your outdoor business shows up earlier on Google, more people will organically go to your website.“95% of search traffic goes to the first page of search results” and click-through rates can steadily increase. Make sure to be patient though, SEO can often take a few months before results start showing up.

SEO Keywords

Topic clusters can help your website rank higher for target keywords building more authority around your outdoor brand. The more related content you have through topic clusters for your outdoor company, the more likely your site will be able to rank for specific keywords. Over time, topic clusters can continue to rank for the keywords in your content that eventually can show up on the SERP. Make sure to not overdo it with keywords since Google can catch onto SEO keyword overuse.

High Quality Content

One thing that is very unique to the outdoor industry are the epic and inspiring stories that are shared. Whether it's a rugged mountain ascent or an article about the best gear for thru-hiking the PCT, outdoor fanatics will continue to scroll through the internet dreaming about their passions and their next big excursion.

People who are passionate about outdoor recreation usually want good quality content with outdoor photography and videos to get them excited. By having topic clusters and creating an SEO outdoor industry brand strategy, you can pull in your target audience by providing a generous amount of content related to their outdoor passions. The more high quality, strategic topic clusters you have for your outdoor brand, the more likely you will build authority on the topic.

Time to start improving SEO for your outdoor brand!

Now you know what a topic cluster is, the importance of an SEO content strategy and how it can improve SEO for your outdoor brand. Topic clusters are significantly more impactful than a typical SEO blog and the web of intertwining topics can have a huge impact on the traffic coming to your website. More traffic on your website can lead to more sales for your business. Make the right decision by investing in an SEO content strategy before you publish your content related to the outdoor industry.

Interested in investing in topic clusters for your business? Check out the different outdoor industry SEO packages offered by “From the Waves” to help build more authority and improve your outdoor industry SEO.

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